VoIP Phone Cord - Avaya 9600, 1600 - Jabra compatible quick disconnect



The solution for most of internet phones like Avaya Deskphone 9600 and 1600 series where microphone volume controls are needed..

Simply connect the HB IP smart cord and headset through the Quick Disconnect plug and set the microphone level to your preference.

8 microphone volume settings ensuring no corded headset is too high or too low.
Specially work with well Avaya 9600 and 1600 series(Smiliar to GN1216 cord)
1 year warranty
Jabra Quick Disconnect.
Most of internet Phones where microphone volume controls are needed

Compatible with Avaya 9600 Series Phones:
9601 SIP Deskphone, 9608 IP Deskphone, 9611G IP Deskphone, 9621G IP Deskphone,
9641G IP Deskphone, 9620L IP Deskphone, 9630G and 9640G IP Deskphones,

9650C IP Deskphone, 9670G IP Deskphone

Compatible with Avaya 1600 Series Phones:
1603 IP Deskphone, 1603SW IP Deskphone, 1608 IP Deskphone, 1616 IP Deskphone,
16CC Agent Deskphone

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