Computer headsets are suitable specially for Soft phone, IP telephony and VOIP include MSlync, Skype. Plug and Play USB technology allows connectivity fast, simple setup.
Package Deal of Quick Disconnect Headset + USB Headset Adapter provides great features :
1. Price benefit.
2. Quick Disconnect allows you to walk away from your desk without losing the call.
3. Built in line control of USB Adapter provides the Mute and Receiving level adjustment swithes.
You could choose USB headset without QD. Also Provides Analog PC headsets with a Dual 3.5 mm jack cable.
Plantronics Quick Disconnect and Jabra Quick Disconnect Available.

•  Monaural Headsets - Feel less ‘closed off’ from the environment around while talking with co-workers regarding a solution against customer’s claim.
•  Binaural headsets - Complete concentration on the call, also lower the ambient noise in the call centre, may talk more quietly.

Innotalk Supersonic Pro Binaural headset

USB Headsets

Headset with
a Plug and Play USB adapter.
MS Lync, Skype, Softphone

Innotalk Supersonic Pro Monaural Headset

3.5mm PC Headsets

Headset + 3.5 mm
Single jack to fit
Laptop Compute.

Innotalk Changer Pro Binaural Headset

Analog PC Headsets

Headset + 3.5 mm
Dual jack to fit
computer sound card.