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If you need a long time on the phone, how to hold a handset?
If you need your hands for other tasks while calling, how to use your hands?

Hold a handset or to squeeze it between your check and shoulder?
It may make a problem on neck, shoulder and upper back muscle tension.

Headset is much more convenient and comfortable than a handset.

It provides 50% more efficiency of your working than to use a handset.

Desk Phone Headsets

When you talk with your customers, you could use a speakerphone to free your hands, but it adds echo to your voice, and gives the person you're talking to the impression that you are not devoting all your attention to the conversation. Headset allows you to work efficiently and comfortably and you can concentrate on the conversation.

Computer Headsets

Most computer has a bulit in web camera for Voip Calls like Skype, MsLync. It has a microphone and speaker as well but it annoy other people too. USB headset is the best solution.

Cordless Phone Headsets

Headset for Cordless phone provides your hands free while you work at backyard or taking care of babies, cooking and lot more.

INNOTALK Headset is designed to force excessive sound quality, the highest important feature of headset, for customer satisfaction through better enhanced quality communications. >