Frequent Answer and Questions

QD is a Quick Disconnect. This special connector provides easy and reliable connection to the Plantronics or Jabra/GN netcom headsets.

Through this connector, customers connect the headset to the various matching cable called bottom cable in a simple user friendly and realiable connection.

The various matching cables(bottom cables) include 2.5 mm headset jack, 3.5 mm headset jack, USB adapter for headset, RJ9 general jack, Cisco headset cord, HIS cord, Avaya headset cord and more.

So you could use your headset with all kind of phone and computer include Voip phone through the matching cable. One of important feature of the QD is that it allows the user to disconnect the headset if needed during a call and reconnect, similar to placing the call on hold and allows you to walk away from the telephone without having to remove the headset.

When you choose a bluetooth headset, think followings.

1) Use it time to time ?

2) No need reliable voice talking? Means sometimes noise OK.

3) Use it within a car or small area?

If your answers are yes for all 3 questions, a bluetooth headset as a plantronics voyager is a good choice.

But, if you work over 8 hours wearing a headset,

And need reliable voice talking and use it in 300 ft wide range office,

I would recommend the DECT technology wireless headset instead of the Bluetooth headset as Voyager.

We are not sell a bluetooth headset because the bluetooth technology was developed for Data network so that the problem with Bluetooth audio has always been digital compression. It may makes frequent noisy or stopping of voice so we had stopped to sell it.

My recommendation is a Pioneer wireless headset, newest DECT technology delivers perfect audio quality as professional headset freely talking while work.