Universal RJ9 Headset adapter - Jabra compatible quick disconnect



The solution to a common problem of not being able to connect headset and telephone.
Even though most things have been standardized, the cord connecting the phone with the handset or headset is anything but standard as each telephone manufacturer had its own wiring cord.
This cord will work with virtually any phone providing great convenience.
8-Position select switch — enables you to make your corded headset compatible with any telephone.
Use any phone even if you changed phone. Eliminates the need for multiple cords for connecting to different phone systems.
Control michrophone volumn. Allows you to increase the volume for optimum call clarity. A low-current mic amplifier on switch positions 6 through 8 boosts signal gain by approximately 12 dB.
Smiliar to GN1200 Smart cord
1 year warranty
Jabra Quick Disconnect.

Compatible 8 selection poles to use any kind of phone system.

SW1 : Standard(most common)
SW2 : Cisco IP phone 79xx series
SW3 : Ascom office and Phillips phones
SW4 : Japanese phones, NEC, Nitsuko
SW5 : Plantronics Vista Base
SW6 : Panasonic phones and Avaya IP phones
SW7 : Nortel digital phones and other IP phones
SW8 : Avaya callmaster V and VI, Cisco

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