Polycom IP 3xx, IP 4xx, IP 5xx, IP 6xx, VVX300, VVX1500 EHS Adapter



Electronic Hook Switches (EHS) allows you to answer and hang-on a call remotely.
EHS is only possible on certain telephone systems supporting EHS. There are several unique EHS cables fit specific phones.
Do not buy this EHS if your phone model not match. Buy a Handset Lifter instead of a EHS cable.
Some phone need to be setup for using EHS cable. Check your phone manual as well.
Polycom Adapter for following models
(compare to Plantronics APP-5, Jabra 14201-17)

IP 320, 321, 330, 331, 335

430, 450, 550, 560, 650, 670

VVX 300, 310, 400, 410, 500, 600, 1500

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