Headset Amplifier with Plantronics Compatible QD Voice Tube Pro Binaural Headset at Call Center for Most Desk Phone

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Quick Disconnect headset + Digital Headset Amplifier Plus
- Works with Most Desk Phone model
Better than Plantronics H-Series Headsets + Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier.
Similar to Jabra Headsets + Jabra Link 860 Digital Audio Processor/Amplifier
- Packaged Combo : Better price better features

Digital Amplifier
Better than Plantronics M22 Vista Amplifier
Telephone compatible switches enable compatibility with most Desk phones.
Specially works with a Most IP phones include Cisco, Avaya, Ascom, Nortel …
Adjust your voice volume transmit to a customer. ( Direct cord connection doesn't have )

Super sound feature delivers richer and crispy communication
Adjustable and replaceable Transparent voice tube for real sound.
Light weight adjustable Plastic coating headband : Only 1.9 oz weight
Omni-directional microphone with Static shock protection.
Noise reduction speaker : High quality wideband receiver with soft form cushion
Left-Right swiveling speaker softly fit over ears
Chrome plating elegant design
Specially designed for VOIP calls.

Description for Digital Audio Headset Amplifier Plus

The Headset Amplifier Package are compatible with Most Desk Phone Model :

There is a telephone compatible switch on the Headset amplifier which make it worked with most Desk phone.

Tone controller to quality bass and treble sound
Universal compatibility with most of telephone
Headset compatibility switch works with most headset include Plantronics or GN/Jabra headset
Mute switch for temporary call suspension
Include an USB Power cord

Description for Headset

The elegant design of the headset supports wideband telephony for business and call center, specially for VOIP. Metal finish looks with Chrome plating decoration ring/plate with Rubber spray on the headband and receiver housing.

Features at a glance

Binaural design


The headset is equipped with the Plastic transparent voice tube in optimal positioning and super light weight. The wideband receiver is suitable specially for IP telephony and computer communications.


The transparent voice tube gives best transmission of the voice and light weight, stylish and robust design and Acoustic shock protection receiver protects an ear from the Acoustic fluctuation.

Using of metal connecting pins and ultra strength of the cord supplies a long durability.


Working with Plantronics Quick Disconnects bottom cord.
Compatible with all kinds of Desk phones, DECT, IP phones, VOIP.

Durable and adjustable wearing style.
Wideband receiver for fluent sound audio.
Acoustic shock protection receiver
Adjustable transparent voice tube.
Omni-directional microphone.
Microphone static shock protection
Noise reduction receiver for a clear sound

Technical Specifications

Manufacture HeadsetsBank
Type Wired
Wearing Style Over the head
Cord Length 3 ft
Connector Type Plantronics Quick disconnect
Weight 2.2 oz.
Compatibility Work with all kinds of Single and Multi-line phones, DECT and VOIP phones
Microphone Omni-directional microphone with Static shock protection
Mic boom Stainless steel pipe with Transparent voice tube
Earpiece Fitting with Leatherette cushion, Foam cushion as spare
Receiver Wide band Frequency Response with Acoustic shock protection
Color Rubber spray Dark Gray
Warranty 2 Year
Compliance RoHS
Approval FCC, CE
Optional materials Headset Hanger, Headset pouch, Leatherette or Foam cushion
Quick Disconnect Yes
What's in the box? A Headset, Foam cushion as spare, A cloth clip

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