Headset Amplifier powered by USB




Designed with very compact, sporty, refined and being well useful functions, provides the best call comfort to the intensive users in big Call-center and Office as well as Home office.
Full hands-free products with headsets
High quality receiving sound and a lot functions
By USB power, from PC, no need a battery.
Compare to Plantronics M22 / AP15.
2 Years Warranty


Headset amplifier for single and multi-line phone by USB power, from PC, no need a battery.
Designed with many useful functions, compactly, functionally and long-live. Compatible with most of digital and IP desk phones present on the market.

Full hands-free products with headset.
Talking on the phone, taking notes and doing with computer works simultaneously.
Very simple compatible switch.
Universal compatibility with most of telephones like Toshiba, Nortel, AT&T, GTE, Siemens, Panasonic, Samsung and LG key phone, PABX, PSTN system.


Compatibility with most phones even if you changed an existing phone.
Adjust your voice volume transmit to a customer. ( Direct cord connection doesn't have )
Great sound quality control improves care of customers.


Tx/Rx volume control
Headset/Handset selection switch
Microphone mute switch

Contents in a Box

USB Power cord
Telephone cord
User's Manual

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