Avaya Nortel phone 1165e, 3905, M5200, M7310, M8001 headset built in Jabra Compatible Quick Disconnect - Ear Loop Headset + RJ9 Headset Adapter




Quick Disconnect headset + Avaya RJ9 modular cord Package
- Works with Avaya 11xx, 12xx, 39xx, Mxxxx, T7208, T7324 models
- Total stretched length of "headset + Avaya RJ9 cord" is over 9 ft
Similar to Plantronics P series Headset + Plantronics A10 cord.
Similar to Jabra GN netcom Headset + Jabra GN1200 smart cord(P1)
Compare with a Plantronics H41N Mirage Headset
Super light weight : Only 0.8 oz weight
Noise cancelling microphone : Reduce background noise.
Microphone boom arm : Flexible Goose-neck metal spring pipe for optimal position from the mouse.
Voice frequency Receiver fit for business talking
No headband to mess your hair or give you a headache
Quick Disconnect allows other application to computer or mobile phone through a specific compatible bottom cord.

Super light weight feels only something touch on your ear while do not worry of mess up your hair style all day. Swiveling receiver with a sleek, sculpted shape design allows quick and easy wearing on and off.
The INNOTALK ProEarHook Headset provides professional Over-the-Ear features with your office phone system. The discreet design ensures a comfortable fit for all-day wear. Noise cancelling microphone reduces background noise that delivers crystal clear sound to customers specially when using internet phone , cordless phone or mobile phones too. Flexible metal spring microphone boom arm allows you to place the boom exactly where you want it while reducing unwanted noise whether you are on-the-go, or working in your office.

Description for Avaya RJ9 headset

Avaya RJ9 modular headset are compatible with following Avaya IP hone Models:
1120e, 1140e, 1150e, 1165e, ( or Nortel 1120e, 1140e, 1150e, 1165e )
Avaya 1210, 1220, 1230, 3903, 3904, 3905,
M2216, M2312, M3903, M3904, M3905, M5200 Series,
M5316, M5317, M7208(NT8B30), M7308, M7310(NT8B20),
M7316, M7324 (NT8B40), M7900, M8001, M8003
T7208, T7324

Description for Headset

Discreet, Over-the-ear style is perfect for professionals who want the hand-free benefits of a headset that's quick and easy to put on and take off.

Features at a glance

Monaural design


The flexible microphone boom arm for choice of Noise cancelling microphone.
The headset is very suitable for users in office and call center.
The compact size supplies all-day long comfort.


The noise cancelling microphone reduces the background noise to be used at noise environment conditions such as call center and Acoustic shock protection receiver protects an ear from the Acoustic fluctuation.

Working with a Jabra GN netcom Quick Disconnects bottom cord.
Compatible with all kinds of Desk phones, DECT, IP phones, various softphones and Skype, MS Lync, VOIP.
Comfortable ear-hook style.

Stylish, decent and compact.

Acoustic shock protection receiver

Microphone static shock protection

Noise cancelling microphone for back ground noise reduction

Noise reduction receiver for a clear sound

Technical Specifications

Manufacture HeadsetsBank
Type Wired
Wearing Style Ear Hook
Cord Length 3 ft
Connector Type Jabra GN netcom Quick disconnect
Weight 0.8 oz.
Compatibility Work with all kinds of Single and Multi-line phones, DECT and VOIP phones
Microphone Noise cancelling with Static shock protection
Mic boom Flexible Goose-neck metal spring
Earpiece No ear cushion.
Receiver Voice Frequency Response with Acoustic shock protection
Color Black
Warranty 2 Year
Compliance RoHS
Approval FCC, CE
Optional materials Headset Hanger, Headset pouch
Quick Disconnect Yes
What's in the box? A Headset, a Cloth clipper

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