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Prong Headsets

Prong Plug

These Prong Headset packages come with a Prong Plug Adapter and a RJ9 modular 10 foot headset cord with a INNOTALK headset to use PBX and ACD operators.
The Prong Plug Adapter consists of a RJ9 femail modular jack and 2 prong PJ327 Plug. It converts from a 2 prong connections to a RJ9 modular connection. Plug the Prong Adapter into the operator console, PBX or ACD.
The RJ9 modular cord and a INNOTALK headset has a Quick disconnetor(Called QD) which is an Essential feature for Professional headset and allowing you to walk away without remove the headset.
Campare to Plantronics P series Headset + Plantronics U10P cord + PJ327 adapter package.