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Jabra GN netcom headsets are very highest quality products and popular in EU market. Innotalk headsets also supplies the headsets built in Jabra quick disconnect (QD) at the end of headset cord. Our headsets are 100% compatible with Jabra GN netcom bottom cords. if you have any Jabra bottom cord, you could use it. Through the appropriate bottom cable as USB headset adapter, 2.5 mm headset adapter, RJ-9 modular headset adapter, you can use the headset as USB headset, 2.5 mm headset, Desk Phone headset. What is a bottom cord ?, Go to the cord pages. You want to buy a set (Headset + bottom cord) ? Go to the Direct connect headset pages. Innotalk headsets has been proven the quality over 20 years in the world market while widely used together with Jabra products as well. Classic headset is our cost effective headset. It has the highest durability but less price. Changer pro series are our best selling headsets, deluxe style and remarkable features, to beat competitors' expensive headset products. Innotalk wireless headsets provides great features in lower price. Compare it with other wireless headsets, Expensive but similar features. Click to see it.

•  Monaural Headsets - Feel less ‘closed off’ from the environment around while talking with co-workers regarding a solution against customer’s claim.
•  Binaural headsets - Complete concentration on the call, also lower the ambient noise in the call centre, may talk more quietly.