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The Packaged Combo is great deal for you. Why you need Amplifier? The strongest feature of the Amplifier is the transmit(Mic) volume control. Most of telephone has not. Customer side phone or environment may have problems to hear your voice. Customers call you as He/She works in noisy office or Backyard while someone trimming trees. Will you shout to customer to deliver your voice? Just Dial up Mic volume of the Amplifier is enough. "Noise cancelling Headset + Amplifier" (Called Headset System) is a perfect solution for customer service at call center, office, even at home. Compare Jabra Amplifier and Plantronics S series and M series Amplifiers with Innotalk Headset Amplifier. The headsets are jabra quick disconnect headsets allowing you not to take off the headset and simply pull in and out the connection apart, holding on your caller, as you walk away from your desk. 20 years proven quality and Multi year warranty keep you smile. Try it. 60 Day Money back guarantee. Call center should have this Headset system.