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Jabra GN netcom Quick Disconnect

Plantronics Quick Disconnect

Professional Headset connector

Boost convenience to use a headset. Compatibilty with existing Jabra GN netcom bottom cable or Amplifier.

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This category shows the corded headset built in a Jabra Gn netcom quick disconnect which provides specific features for professional phone headset as well as 100% compatibility with a Jabra producsts include Jabra Link 850 Amplifer. Innotalk headsets are highest quality headsets but less price than GN netcom headsets. All headsets have a noise cancelling microphone reducing back ground noise and various features as well as Acoustic shock protection for your ears. Inntalk headset has been proven as best headset over 20 years in the world market. All day wearing comfortability with business grade durable. Better price in competitive quality compared with Plantronics and Jabra GN netcom is the biggest benefit to customers. "Headset and Amplifier" packaged combo (Headset System) is a perfect solution for customer talking. PC headset with a USB adapter works with MS Lync softphone, Skype, Computer unified communication. 2.5 mm Headset and 3.5 mm Headset are also one of cost effective solutions for mobility. Please look our great wireless headsets as well. It has more special features than corded headsets.

Innotalk Classic Monaural Headset


Headsets with Jabra GN netcom Quick Disconnect

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Innotalk Supersonic Pro Monaural Headset

Headset System

Package Deal Special Price!
"Headset + Amplifier" makes perfect working condition.

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